Join us April 17th to celebrate our Risen Savior @ 8 & 10 AM with breakfast in between! Jerry Cox will bring both messages.

Welcome Message

Dear Church:

There is no question, we are living in a time of uncertainty. Many people around the globe are struggling with different kinds of problems. The temptation in times like these is to allow fear and worry to creep into our thoughts and to rob us of our joy. But we need to remember what we do know:

• God is still in control; He is on the throne.

• He is not surprised by the events in our world today!

• He is sovereign—nothing happens without His permission.

• He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

You are loved by God and nothing can separate you from His love. God is near to you through the working of the Holy Spirit. God is ready, right now, to communicate to you through prayer and His Word. And because you are a child of God, you can confidently rest in His providence and protection during this time of turmoil. God is our certainty in uncertain times.

We are  praying for you.

Please keep the ministry of Victory Baptist Church in your prayers, as well.

God is in control.